October 2, 2013

Benefits of Heating Your Home with Renewable Fuel - MA, ME, NH, VT, PA, NY, NJ, CT

Below are some of the benefits of domestic biomass (pellet) burning furnaces and stoves.

Pellet stoves are replacing traditional fires fir heat and are taking a much more prominent place in the home than ever before. They no longer heat from the basement; pellets stoves offer main floor heating, easy access, and undeniable ambiance.

Another benefit, less specific to households, but just as important is the waste and ‘trash’ that biomass-burning appliances, pellet stoves and wood furnaces, are able to keep out of the landfills.

As technology develops and the U.S. garbage crisis gets more difficult to deal with, creative minds continue to explore ways to use garbage and byproducts as a never-ending source of renewable energy. People across the U.S. are embracing ways to heat their homes for significantly less; with fuel that was once earmarked for landfill.

Pellets are made from wood scrap. The wood scrap is turned to sawdust, and compressed to make pellets which are sold in 40 lb bags of fuel which is not only less expensive than fossil fuels, but pellets are also easier to use, transport and store than wood. Additionally, paper mills have found that instead of throwing away bad paper, they can produce paper pellets.

Investing in local communities

A multi-fuel furnace allows home owners to shop for local renewable fuel and burn what is most readily available and low in price.

Wood pellets are a renewable resource that  consumers buy locally which helps keep money, and jobs, in the local economy.

The decision to heat with a pellet stove will save money, keep dollars local, and make a huge difference in the warmth of your home during the coldest months. The flexibility of fuel with a multi fuel furnace is something homeowners like.

Renewable energy doesn’t get enough attention in mainstream media, but it should. There are countless benefits of heating with renewable fuel that thousands of homeowners have discovered for themselves.

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