August 6, 2013

Wood Pellet Boilers Heat Berlin, NH Apartment Complex

A project to install wood pellet boilers in northern New Hampshire has reached out to an apartment complex in Berlin.

The Berlin Housing Authority’s Welch apartment complex expects to save $11,000 a year on heating fuel with the installation of the pellet boilers.

The project is helping the region move away from dependence on imported oil toward a local energy source to help create jobs and strengthen the forest economy. That local energy source is wood pellets.

The Welch complex, which houses 55 elderly and disabled people, also plans to upgrade its hot water system, insulate crawlspaces, add water conservation features and programable thermostats.

‘‘The Berlin Housing Authority is leading the way in energy efficiency with pellet boilers and their investments are helping residents lower their energy consumption and costs,’’ said Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who is sponsoring a bipartisan national energy efficiency bill.

The Neighborhood Project has funded installation of the pellet boilers in 37 homes and a Community Center for the Arts. It plans to complete conversions in three more homes and renovate the Notre Dame School this fall.

For more information on pellet boilers, contact Northeast Distribution.