July 12, 2013

Color Brochures as Marketing Materials – Canton, Boston

As the economy picks up, more and more businesses are revisiting spending money on new and improved marketing materials. While online marketing has its place, printed marketing materials serve a very important purpose as well. Printed materials, such full color brochures including product brochures, short form catalogs, and flyers are great marketing materials for promoting your business.

Full color brochures are perfect for trade shows, sales presentations, leave behinds, and as cut sheets when shipping products or merchandise.  You will find that many of your clients have additional questions, either on the product they are interested in or in complimentary products.

Two- and three fold color brochures can provide the additional information quickly that clients are looking for. Cut sheets on products are perfect for providing FAQ’s or additional information within a contained area. These marketing tools work well when they are designed correctly and professionally printed.

Printed brochures can also be used to market new goods and services in order to garner interest. For sales representatives  brochures can be used as an introduction to potential. Printed color brochures can act as a leave-behind marketing piece and as a sales-support tool during cold calls.

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