June 18, 2013

Off Campus Student Housing has become a Necessity

Housing options for today's college students are changing dramatically. An estimated 80 million students live in on-campus housing, so off-campus living in has become not just an option but a necessity. This increased demand for student-friendly apartment communities near campus has generated new trends in housing development and student lifestyles. In our area, there are so many colleges and universities, apartments in Blacksburg, VA are in demand.

As students get ready for college, of course on-campus housing is still necessary. But a whole new standard has been raised for both on-campus and off-campus living. Today’s student generation is selective and they expect more privacy and amenities in their living space.

The National Center for Education Statistics says college enrollment will grow by at least 10% by 2016.  Meanwhile universities don't have the money to create the additional housing needed to supply the demand.

Traditional housing types were dormitory-style units that offered small, shared living spaces and communal bathrooms with little or no privacy. Because of this, crowds of newly-accepted students arrive, take one look at the quality and quantity of outdated dormitories, and head off-campus. In particular, many sophomores, juniors and seniors will be looking for off-campus housing.

According to a research report published by the NMHC titled "What Do Students Want?", today's students are more interested in living off campus, and have much higher expectations for their housing.

Students consider the following to be most important about their off campus apartment living space:
  • All-inclusive rates with minimal fees
  • If a property offers bundled rents, publication of a “base rent” to allow fair comparisons with competitors
  • Students are interested in the apartment layout
  • Kitchens with plenty of cupboard and counter space
  • Social opportunities such as community rooms, clubhouses or recreation areas
The study revealed these students were just as concerned about: being treated well as renters as they are with having a comfortable and fun living space.

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