May 8, 2013

Cherrytree Group Speaker Series, De-mystifying the Landscape of Tax Credits for Developers in Boston

Warren A. Kirshenbaum, CEO of the Cherrytree Group, a Newton, MA tax credit broker, syndicator and consulting firm, has developed a Speaker Series to educate the public about the role of tax credits in development.

Kirshenbaum said that his organization will provide a speaker to any real estate, civic, business or fraternal group seeking to learn more about what tax credits are available for development.

“Many developers are unaware of the prevalence of tax credits for historic rehabilitation, environmental remediation, and other areas that can make a significant difference in the bottom line cost of the project,” said Kirshenbaum. He added, “There are credits available both at the federal and the state level, and they can be quite sizeable.” He noted that the speaker Series would educate people on the various types of credits that are available and how to take advantage of the opportunities.

Tax credits in a development project can be used for a variety of purposes. Some developers and investors use the tax credit as an equity investment. Others utilize for the tax advantages. One of the more versatile advantages of tax credits is that these credits can be re-sold. Typically, it is larger investors who purchase tax credits from other entities but not always.

To request a speaker or learn more about tax credits, please contact Warren Kirshenbaum at 781-235-8485.

About Cherrytree Group
Cherrytree Group assists developers and business owners interested in securing available tax credits at both the federal and state levels.  With significant industry expertise in the brownfields and environmental remediation fields, as well as tax credit brokerage and syndication areas,  Cherrytree Group advises business owners, real estate owners and developers on ways to monetize expenditures. In addition to tax credits, the firm assists with raising and syndicating private equity. Other services include monetizing, or trading tax credits, incentives, or grants; developmental finance; and the structuring to finance and acquire distressed real estate assets.

The firm focuses on tax advantaged development or "green" development such as the structuring and syndication of transactions involving Brownfields, historical rehabilitation, and renewable energy tax credit transactions. Additionally, Cherrytree Group advises clients on the structuring of real estate ownership entities, leasing, land use, and zoning/permitting.