May 11, 2013

Best Power Tools for Yard and Garden - North Attleboro

Now that spring is here, homeowners are getting outside and working in the yard. If you are a DIY-er, here is a list of the top lawn and garden power tools.

Log Splitter
This log splitter makes light work of chopping wood. Benefits include reducing the physical strain that using a traditional axe places on your back, as well as saving you hours of effort. Be warned, it’s extremely heavy, but the wheels make it easy to move around.

Grass Trimmer
A cordless trimmer is powerful. Longer grass and rough vegetation seem to prove no challenge and they are very easy to use. The result is a great finish on the lawn edge, even along fence lines.

Pressure Washer
This may be expensive, but they can provide over 50% water saving compared to a garden hose and 35 times more power, easily making it the most environmentally friendly way to effortlessly remove mold, grime, mud and dirt from patios, garden furniture, decking and vehicles.

Garden Multi-Care Tool
Whether you want to trim shrubs, clear brambles, cut hedges or prune hard-to-reach-branches, this machine does it all. And despite the fact that it’s an all-in-one, they have well-positioned, comfortable handle controls.

Hedge Trimmer
It’s hard to fault an electric or gas powered hedge trimmer, which comes with an extra handle to extend your reach for taller hedges. It’s fast and leaves a neat finish and can handle larger branches. They are a great value.

Electric Leaf Blower

Electric or battery leaf blower has enough power to clear leaves swiftly and efficiently. They are light and comfortable to hold.

Chain saw
Slice cleanly and quickly through logs, branches and thick stems with an electric or gas operated chainsaw.

For more information on new lawn and garden power tools, contact J&J Small Engine Clinic.