April 23, 2013

Rental Generator Options - Boston, MA

When renting portable generators knowing exactly how much power and where you will need it is important information when determining what size rental generator you need and what additional distribution equipment you need.

ElecComm Power Services will help you figure out how far from the rental generator you need the power. Do you need power in more than one location? What will you be powering and how much power do you need? We will ask the questions necessary to distribute the power correctly and safely on your job site, business or event.

If you need additional power, a temporary distribution panel can be connected to the portable generator. These panels can be set up in any size depending on what you need.

For projects that cannot have cable or other distribution equipment on the ground, rental generators can be placed in a safe non-traffic area and connected to a temporary pole to distribute the power.  Distributing power overhead with temporary power poles is more common where there is a lot of traffic in the area or the public has access. Providing one diesel generator and distributing power on temporary power poles, rather than renting several small ones, can be safer and less costly.

Depending on your project you have many options with portable rental generators. ElecComm Power Services can help you understand your options. For more information, contact ElecComm Power Services.