March 22, 2013

With Invisalign You Don’t Have to Hide Your Smile

Invisalign braces are a clear alternative to braces. With both teens and adults, Invisalign has grown in popularity because they are essentially invisible while they straighten teeth. As effective as conventional braces, Invisalign are clear plastic aligners that are removable. Because they are removable, they can be taken out for eating or when brushing and flossing making dental care easier and more effective than traditional braces.

Too many teens lose confidence with- or are embarrassed by- metal braces and too many adults forgo straightening their teeth with traditional braces because of the way the metal wires and brackets look.

As the popularity and awareness of Invisalign increases, more patients are deciding to take better care of their teeth through these clear braces. Crooked teeth can lead to other dental health issues, so providing options to traditional braces is important to overall oral health.

A lot of people want to avoid getting braces but with Invisalign patients don't have to hide their smile while straightening their teeth.

Often, Invisalign can straighten teeth in a shorter amount of time, and in less dental visits than regular braces. With Invisalign, patients are given a series of clear aligners that are changed every two weeks until the teeth have straightened.

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