March 1, 2013

Recycling Saves Business and Cities Money

In offices and homes, so many things can be recycled. Did you know it costs less to recycle than it does to get rid of trash? What can you recycle? Aluminum, tin cans, glass bottles and plastics as well as mixed paper, including newspapers, junk mail, magazines and corrugated cardboard.

Best of all, everything that goes into a recycling truck stays out of the regional landfill. That saves everyone money. For example, the city of Roanoke pays $45 a ton to dispose of trash and $19 a ton to paper recycling. So if people recycle they save the city $26 a ton in tax dollars! That is a disparity that is in every city. Everyone saves by recycling.

Unfortunately, we understand the benefits of recycling but the majority of households and businesses in most cities do NOT recycle. And, of the ones that do, they don’t recycle enough. Office managers can make it easier for their employees to recycle by adding recycling bins. There are even recycle bins that make it easy to recycle multiple materials.

The more you recycle the more money you save cities and towns and the business in which you work. How does this translate? Tax dollars can be used elsewhere. In business, money can be redirected to use in marketing or increasing sales. More money in the budget is always a good thing.

For more information on office recycling bins, contact the Fibrex Group.