March 23, 2013

Power Tools Every DIY Person Needs

If you are a DIY kind of person, then the end of winter is probably one of your most favorite times of year. There are plenty of outdoor projects to do in the spring, and there are plenty of indoor projects you can utilize the garage or shed for. If the coming spring has you wanting to purchase some new power hand tools, we have some ideas  as to the power tools that every DIY should own.

Orbital palm sander
Perfect for small jobs and can be used on furniture, ceilings, walls, floors and any kind of woodwork.

Power Hand Plane
This tool is used for shaping wood, removing thin layers of wood, and smoothing and straightening edges.

Small angle grinder
Use this power tool for removing paint and rust. This tool can also for sharpening and cutting tiles.

Reciprocating saw
This tool is generally used for remodeling and demolition work and is extremely handy. The reciprocating saw is can cut through leather, green, rubber, metal, linoleum and plastic.

Compound miter saw
This saw is also known as a chop saw and is used to get precisely cut angles.

Circular saw
Great for cutting across and along the grain. They are usually used for cutting wood, but you an also get blades for cutting masonry, plastic and metal.

Cordless drill
You will use this all the time, it is a must have. A cordless drill is essential for any DIY project.

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