February 9, 2013

What to Know About Building a Modular Home

Considering building a modular home? there are some things you should know.

First, you'll need buildable land.

Building a new modular home requires a construction loan. Keep in mind these generally have higher interest rates and terms of 6 to 12 months.

Once the modular home is complete, you can refinance to a conventional mortgage to bring down interest rates.

Pricing on modular homes does not fluctuate. Once you are quoted a price that price is set. Once construction begins, there will be no increase in the price of materials.

Usually, the price per square foot in modular construction is around 5% to 20% less than a stick built home. This is because materials are bought in bulk for less, and because modular construction saves on labor costs.

With modular homes, all the pieces of the home arrive and are bolted together, weather-tight generally in a day.

With modular homes, you have control over the design and where each room goes; customization has became the standard.

When modular homes are being constructed in the factory, there's continuous supervision and quality control checks to ensure the home is built up to local and state code.

Over the years, the quality of modular construction has become better than with stick built homes in a lot of cases. They offer basically everything you can get in a custom home and in some instances even more, they are very high quality, energy-efficient, more green.

For more information on modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.