February 20, 2013

Insulation Keeps Out the Cold

It is cold, and more snow is on the way. If you are tired of paying high heating bills, or of being too cold because you have your heat turned way down to avoid high heating bills, it is time to evaluate your homes efficiency.

According to projections the heating bills will rise 20% for oil households, 15% for natural gas, 13% for propane and 5% for electricity. These are high increases that will bite into everyone’s wallet.

If you’re concerned with saving money on your home’s heating bills, your home heating practices need to come under scrutiny. An energy audit is a great place to start. Increasing or adding insulation is also a very good idea.

Attic insulation, or adding insulation to crawl spaces is the perfect way to keep heat in your home and decrease heating bills. No one wants to heat the attic or crawl space, and this is what you are doing when you don’t have enough insulation.

For more information on improving the insulation in your home, contact Custom Insulation.