February 9, 2013

How to Monetize and Trade Commercial Tax Credits

The Cherrytreee Group is a tax credit consulting and syndication company. We represent real estate developers, owners and operators and assist them in applying for available state and federal tax credits.

We specialize in Brownfields tax credits, historic tax credits, and renewable energy tax credits. We monetize, syndicate and engage in arbitrage trading of tax credits.

The Cherrytreee Group provides a turnkey solution for our clients providing in-house legal and accounting, brokerage and syndication specialists who help our clients secure and monetize their tax credits.

The Cherrytreee Group will analyze the project to determine its eligibility for tax credits, prepare and submit the tax credit application, build all the financial spread sheets and other documents and work the application through the state and federal department that handle the tax credit filing.  We will also provide a buyer for your tax credits and provide the legal and accounting expertise to close on the deal.

For assistance on applying for, filing and syndicating tax credits, contact the Cherrytree Group.