February 27, 2013

Green Mountain Pellet Grills Makes Top 5 in 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

Pellet grills win many grilling competitions because the food tastes better when it is grilled over wood. Green Mountain pellets grills take advantage of the great taste of wood fired grilling.

But recently, the The Daniel Boone Green Mountain Pellet Grill won another competition. It made it to the top 5 in the Reader’s Choice best pellet grills category.

Now you need to vote for the best Green Mountain pellet grill to. Click here and be sure the Daniel Boone wins!

And, besides creating the best tasting grilled food, pellet grills are easy to operate. Turn them on with a push of a button. What could be easier than that?

For more information on the Daniel Boone Green Mountain Pellet grill, Contact Northeast Distribution.