February 9, 2013

Get Your Youthful Smile Back

Our smile is our most important commodity. It expresses how we feel, shows our self confidence and makes our first impressions. But as we grow older, our smile shows our age. There are ways you can change that.

When we are young, our smile shows more top teeth and as we age our smile shows more of our lower teeth. This is because as we age we lose collagen in our lips and gravity takes over. Our upper lip begins to sag and  cover our upper teeth while our lower lip sags showing the lower teeth.

Sometimes this can be “fixed” by using dental restorations. This "instant facelift" effect is achieved using a  a non-invasive concept called Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Also, as we age our teeth get more yellow. This is because over time our teeth absorb more and more of the color from our eating and drinking habits causing teeth staining.

This can be remedied by regular brushing with a whitening toothpaste (we recommend Supersmile). Occasional in-office teeth whitening can also brighten up your teeth for longer lasting, natural looking results.

As we age the mineral structure of our teeth also changes causing our teeth to become less porous. As a result, over time, teeth get more opaque and loose that translucent quality of our youth.

Dental Veneers are the perfect solution. Porcelain veneers and a skilled cosmetic dentist can give you a beautiful, natural, younger-looking smile.

For more information on how Dream Smile can alter the effects of a aging smile, contact us.