January 29, 2013

The Right Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves for Massachusetts

If you are in the market for a new pellet stove or wood burning stove, there are plenty of reasons why you purchase from a local dealer rather than purchase a new pellet stove online.

When you buy a wood or pellet stove, you want to buy from someone with whom you can have a long term relationship. You will continue to see your dealer long after the purchase of your stove for cleaning and maintenance advice and products, pellets, and future parts.

But if you live in Massachusetts, there is another reason that makes sense.

Building Inspectors are cautioning residents who are in the market for a wood or pellet stove to make sure the model they purchase can be used in Massachusetts.

"What I've found recently is there have been a lot of people buying pellet stoves from out-of-state vendors or on the Internet," one inspector said.

"Pellet and wood stoves have to be an approved appliance and they have to be tested. It's important that people who are out there shopping for these types of stoves know what to look for when they buy them."

Wood stoves have been approved for use in Massachusetts if they have a UL approval number 1482, which is located on a metal tag riveted to its side. A local dealer will know this.

Pellet stoves should have a similar metal tag, but should bear an Americans Standard Testing Method number 1509 on it.

Homeowners are also cautioned to make sure they hire a licensed professional to install the new wood or pellet stoves and request a permit from the building department. Your local stove dealer will measure for and install a wood or pellet stove for you.

For a local dealer near you, contact Northeast Distribution.

The Sun Chronicle