January 8, 2013

Selling your wrecked vehicle fast & free

Online may appear to be the best option, but the internet can be a scary place. Especially if you are in distress and trying to get rid of your wrecked vehicle quickly because you are paying storage at a tow yard and have liability insurance only. Craig'slist.com sounds good, because it’s free. But it does not attract international buyers and parts buyers that would maximize the price you can get for your wrecked vehicle - it attracts bottom feeders looking to take advantage of your difficult situation. AutoTrader and Cars.com are focused on "front-line ready" vehicles that could be retailed immediately - not wrecked vehicles. There are auctions out there too - but eBay can't guarantee you a price instantly on your damaged vehicle, in fact a listing can take days or even weeks to produce a single bid.

DamageMAX can instantly price your wrecked vehicle and pick it up for free! We are wrecked vehicle experts and can pay top dollar, instantly!

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage and your repairs are covered, you have the right not to repair your vehicle. You may request the settlement check and not repair the vehicle. If you wrecked your vehicle and simply just don't feel comfortable driving the car again, please consider selling your damaged vehicle to DamageMAX. DamageMAX will buy your wreck and you keep the insurance check! Thought you could not have your cake and eat it too? Not so with DamageMAX!

DamageMAX will buy your wreck and you keep the insurance check!

DamageMAX pays MAXimum value for your Damaged vehicle

Call 888-629-2137 or email info@damagemax.com for an instant quote!