January 23, 2013

Reaching Fitness Goals in 2013

The beginning of a new year is a great time to implement your annual health goals. Some of you may already be on your way to achieving your New Year’s resolution while others may be in need of a little extra motivation.

Do something for you and something for someone else to make 2013 better than last year. A fulfilled life begins with good health, so treat yourself to a new physical activity. We feel better and live longer when we help others. Choose to help a neighbor or friend by inviting them to join you in your new activity.

Eliminate one unhealthy habit, like cutting back on fast food or soda. Regardless of what you choose, commit to eliminating one unhealthy habit as opposed to trying to eliminate all of them. You are more likely to be successful if you can focus on one habit instead of multiple habits.

Set one big, audacious fitness goal. For some of you this goal may be to run a marathon; for others it may be to walk one mile. It is important to remember this goal is unique to you and it is not a competition with anyone else. It should also require you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and push yourself more than you currently think is possible.

The three P’s. Develop a plan; partner with someone to help you remain focused on your goal and persist. Write out your fitness goal along with a specific plan on how you are going to achieve it. Your “accountability partner” could be an exercise partner, a personal trainer, or someone who you ask to check in with you on a weekly basis to see how you are progressing. Personal trainers are a great resource for developing your plan and keeping you motivated towards your goals. Finally, persistence is a key factor toward your success.

For more help setting and reaching your 2013 fitness goals, contact Best Fitness in your area.