January 21, 2013

Power Tools are For Women Too

Power tools, once tagged exclusively for men, are drawing more and more female buyers and users. Many women, just like men, love and swear by their power tools, and the do-it-yourself projects they can complete as a result.

Because so many women are home-owners today — there are nearly twice as many single-female home buyers as single-male buyers, it‘s no wonder that many are tackling household projects themselves.

Today‘s power tools — electric drills, screwdrivers and saws — are more user-friendly, lighter in weight, stronger and longer-lasting.

Many female customers will watch a how-to YouTube video for a project, then buy the tools after trying them out and realizing they aren‘t as scary as they thought. The women come alone, or with their husbands and/or kids, or maybe a female friend.

Women are becoming much more educated and less intimidated by power tools.

Hanna Rosin — author of “The End of Men: And the Rise of Women” — says that women‘s increasing interest in power tools reflects their increasing self-reliance in society.

A lot more women are homeowners. With a lot of single women, the reliance on a man to fix the broken sink is a lot less obvious than it was.

Calling a professional to fix household problems can cost a lot of money, and for homeowners — male or female — learning how to fix things themselves makes good financial sense. Also, cultural trends have led to growing acceptance of women doing aggressive, physical activities.

Do-it-yourself projects now have a gender-neutral feel to them. There are more and more single moms shopping for power tools. And do-it-yourself projects are not only inexpensive, but gratifying.

Female power-tool enthusiasts don‘t fit any stereotype. They could be tough, muscular and jeans-clad, or they could be soccer moms in a skirt.

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