January 21, 2013

International Exhibiting Part II International Shipping

While domestic shipping of any kind to anywhere can always be fraught with issues and uncertainties, when you ship to an international location, these issues can become magnified, since, in most cases, you really can’t “overnight” a replacement part, a new graphic, etc. Following provides some approaches we have used at ion exhibits to ensure international shipping success.

Customs and the Carne

We all know what a passport is, right? Well, when it comes to international shipping there is a tool called a “Carne”. Essentially, it is a passport for your exhibit. It includes a detailed listing of all exhibit elements that you are bringing into and, more importantly, out of the targeted international destination. A “Carne” is a document that you should obtain well before your actual ship date. Sending this along with your exhibit helps to ensure that it will NOT be held up in customs. While there are never any guarantees, having a Carne can make a huge difference between getting your exhibit to its location on time or having to wait for customs which, in some instances, will mean that you miss your show!

It’s a Global Village

As the world grows smaller and global economies continue to grow out of the last recession, more exhibitors than ever before are looking past domestic borders for creative and cost effective methods to expand their business footprint. International exhibiting continues to be one of the most effective ways to help make this happen. Where else can you find a concentrated group of viable prospects all within the same venue? As with domestic shows, if you are exhibiting at an appropriately targeted event, this can be a time and cost effective way to grow your business.

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