December 3, 2012

Heating with Wood Provides Significant Savings

When the power is out and the house is starting to get cold, some households have an alternative that is always there -- the wood stove.

A wood burning stove can reduce the need for fossil fuels, warm the air, and, many confirmed wood stove users would say, warm the soul.

Burning dry wood with an efficient stove results in clean burning with few particulates.

Once people buy a high-quality wood-burning stove, they rarely need another.

Wood stoves are a good option for homeowners who have a fireplace. An existing masonry fireplace will rarely heat a home.

Either a fireplace insert or a wood burning stove will go from 5% efficient to at least 75% efficient. Often homeowners will buy a wood stove that they think they will use occasionally, and then find that they use it much more.

During a winter storm a wood burning stove can keep the house warm and provided a way to cook dinner.

Owning a wood stove becomes a mindset with many homeowners. Many enjoy taking care of their own heating. Downed trees from storms can become a heating source.

An average household, using electric heat would spend about $1,218 in a winter, according to Heating with Wood, based on 2010 dollars. The same household could generate the same heating units by heating with wood for $779. That is a significant savings.

For more information on heating with wood, wood stoves or fireplace inserts contact Northeast Distribution.