December 26, 2012

Connecting Online and Offline Marketing

Companies who are effectively marketing a brand, product and service have some type of online and offline  marketing. Now, they need to bridge the gap between the two to truly realize the joint potential.
  • Promotion through Social Media
Social media is a driving forces for spreading information at an unparalleled speed and influencing the current generation. Make it work for your offline marketing strategy by promoting events through your business’ social media pages. Give your online “fans” and “followers” an incentive for showing up by providing them exclusive promos and discounts.

You also want to get people to know about your existence in social media, and you can do this by simply including the social media addresses (along with your official website) on all of your offline marketing materials.
  • Using QR Codes
QR codes are basically barcodes that smartphone users with QR code readers can scan to receive information. You can use them to drum up interest about your products, as they have this innate air of intrigue to them. They get your customers to take action and interact with your brand, especially when coupled with compelling direct mail copy.
  • Establishing a Unified Brand
It is of extremely important to make your business’ identity uniform throughout all of your marketing campaigns. You do not want to confuse customers by presenting one logo/slogan/tone for your online marketing and a different one for your offline marketing. Consistency is the key to imprinting your brand on people’s minds.

This also means putting your website’s URL, as well as your social media accounts’ URL, on each and every promotional brochure or flyer.

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