December 8, 2012

Add A Snowblower to Your Wish List

Do you need a snowblower for the winter? Chanukah is almost here and Christmas is around the corner; it is the perfect time to put a new snowblower on your wish list.

If you don’t have a snowblower, or your snowblower has been giving you trouble, it may be time for a new one. However, if you have one, your  snowblower may need a tune-up, get one before the snow starts.  There is no way we will have another snow-less winter like last year, so be prepared.

When the snow begins, you don’t want to be stuck shoveling or paying for a plow. But snowblowers are like a new toy and can make snowfall fun.

J and J Small Engine Clinic has all different styles and sizes of snow blowers. Contact J&J Small Engine Clinic for a new snow blower or to schedule your tune-up.