October 24, 2012

Two Modular Home Benefits are Speed and Luxury

If you want to build your family a new home before the holidays, a modular home is the perfect solution. Without all the time and weather constraints and delays, a custom designed modular home from HandCrafted Homes can be built in 60 days or less after the design process is completed.

This picture is a 2,000 square foot house in Western North Carolina that we recently set. In fact, our builder had the house set and under roof in a day and a half! This beautiful home will be totally complete in under 60 days including the considerable amount of site and finishing work that will be done, including decks. This home is based on our Bluffton model, however, any modular home can be a custom designed home.

In fact, the customization is one of the beauties of the modular home process. There is a custom design side to our business that allows families to build the home they want, from the highest quality materials, more efficiently, more economically, and beautifully.

We work very hard to design what the customer wants, not what suits our needs here in manufacturing.  For more information, contact HandCrafted Homes.