October 23, 2012

Think About Your Roof Before Winter Sets In

The cold weather is starting to close in. So, if you are a homeowner, there are some things you should be thinking about getting done before winter sets in. Your roof is No. 1. Why is it important?

We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on everything inside our homes. But the roof is what is protecting it all. If you have a leaking roof or a roof with other issues it’s only a matter of time before you have problems in your home. It can lead to heat loss, mold, a rotting and pests.

Most homeowners will call a roofing company for roof repairs. But roofs are much more than just shingles. Homeowners need to know what they should be paying attention to if they want to do what’s right for their home.

During the winter, you want to see snow on your roof; you don’t want to see patches where the snow has melted. And you really don’t want to see icicles because that means the snow on the roof is melting when it’s still freezing outside. This can lead to ice dams that block your gutters and cause water to back up underneath the shingles. Once it’s there it’s really easy for it to get inside your home.

Typically there should be roofing paper underneath the shingles to act as an extra layer of protection in case any shingles blow off. It’s a preventive measure.

Roofing underlayment, which is an ice and water membrane, should be installed along the perimeter of your roof and in any run-off valleys. It’s used in any areas on your roof where there’s going to be extra water flow or drainage. But it can’t protect an area that actively collects water. It’s a preventive measure — not a direct line of defense.

Many people spend all their money on sprucing up the inside of their homes. Yet, they forget to spend money on the roof. Before anything else is upgraded or renovated in your home, you have to make sure your roof is doing its job. Contact SB Roofing