October 25, 2014

Different Levels of Care Options for Seniors

There are many different levels of care and options when it comes to senior living facilities. Staffing, services and policies can vary greatly. Be aware that there are varying names for these levels of care in different states, as well as varied state regulations and monitoring systems. These are a few of the common types:

Independent Living – Residents have their own apartments and live independently, with some services provided such as meals, housecleaning and activities. Some (not all) have security and others offer some personalized services that they charge for on an a la carte basis, meaning you pay for each additional service on top of the base fees. These services may include medication reminders, help with bathing, laundry, etc. There may not be any medical professionals on staff. There is usually very little supervision because residents are able to live independently. Many residents in this type of facility may still drive, work and go out on their own.

Assisted Living  – This is a step up in care from independent living, but services and costs offered can vary greatly. Personal services may be included in a flat fee but they are often offered on an a la carte basis. Assisted living offers just that – assistance and not much more. Generally, staff will  provide assistance in the morning and evening with bathing and dressing as well as medication management, meals, some activities and there are varying levels of supervision at other times. Don’t assume someone will be checking on your loved one all day, or that staff will be at your loved one’s beck and call.  A resident will have a call-button to get help, but in reality I’ve observed response time can be as much as half an hour. It’s really not 24-hour hands-on care or attention. For most facilities, residents can still come and go as they please so don’t assume someone will know if your loved one wanders off.

Skilled Nursing  – Often referred to as “nursing homes,” residents in these facilities require a higher level of medical care. They offer meals and activities like other levels of care but more supervision (at least in theory.) Residents capabilities will vary – some will be bedridden, others will be up and about. Residents have call buttons, but again, I’ve seen it take as much as half an hour before someone responds.  They are often short-staffed (even if they meet state standards) and not able to provide as much attention to your loved one as you might like.

Memory Care  – Many facilities have a special program for those with dementia. They offer meals, activities, assistance with bathing, dressing and medications, and there is generally a higher staff-to-resident ratio and more supervision. The most important features here are security measures to ensure no one can leave the grounds and get lost. But again, don’t expect your loved one will have someone constantly by their side unless you hire a private-pay aide.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities – These usually, but not always, include all of the previous levels on one campus. Residents can move between levels of care as needed. These facilities often offer some extra services to those in independent living because they do have nurses and other staff on the campus.

Group Homes or Board and Care Homes – A neighborhood home setting in which several people are cared by the homeowner or staff who live there. The services offered vary greatly in reality, but they offer meals and usually help with bathing, dressing and medications. Some activities may be offered. They may offer more one-to-one care because they are smaller, however they may offer less because they have fewer staff. The attention your loved one receives may vary a great deal from home to home.
Wherever your loved one lives, make sure you get a realistic picture of the level of care and supervision for your loved one, as well as the quality of life and the facility’s detailed policies. Never assume your idea of care is the reality. For more information, contact Spring Arbor.

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Stop Insects from Overwintering in Your Home

During the fall months, insects may enter homes and buildings from the surrounding landscape looking for a nice place to overwinter. Common invaders include box elder bugs, lady beetles, kudzu bugs, spiders and millipedes.

These invaders are generally harmless to people and property. They do not feed on people, pets, houseplants, stored products or furnishings. They are merely nuisance pests, especially when they occur in large numbers. The downside of kudzu bugs are, since they are in the stink bug family, they don’t smell good if you smash one.

The preferred management for insects is prevention: stop them before they enter the house. Typical exclusion or pest proofing activities include the use of tight fitting doors and windows; sealing openings and cracks around pipes and wires, doors and chimneys; repairing or replacing window, door and vent screens; and keeping siding, eaves, and soffits in good repair.

When needed, insecticide barriers can supplement pest proofing and can be applied by a professional pest control operator.

Southern and western sides of residences are where insects are most common because that is where the afternoon sunshine hits the house. Apply the insecticide according to label directions to siding, foundation, windowsills and door thresholds, and to lawn or landscape for a distance of a few feet from the building. Insecticides must be applied before insects begin to enter buildings to be effective.

To remove insects that have already entered the home use a broom and dustpan or vacuum. A household aerosol spray or ready to use liquids labeled for indoor use containing pyrethrins, cyfluthrin, or bifenthrin will provide some control. You can also use foggers. Use insecticides sparingly indoors and carefully follow label recommendations.

For more information on pest proofing, contact EHS Pest Control.
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Custom-Built Modular Homes Have the Edge in Cost and Quality

While building a new home is a huge investment to consider, choosing custom-built modular homes will actually save you time and money. With the building schedule simplified and with systematized construction in a controlled factory-like environment, imagine how much money can be saved if build time is cut by up to half.

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA are built faster because most of the work is completed in a climate-controlled factory before being shipped your new home site. The home is built in sections called modules which are systematically built to create high-quality and energy-efficient structures. All the features and fixtures are put in place before they are transported and assembled at your permanent home site. The modules are then placed and set on a permanent foundation.

Modular floor plans are engineered using Computer Aided Design or CAD, making them easier to customize. The result is a system-built modular home that meets specific guidelines and local building codes, often surpassing traditionally built homes in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

To find out more about modular home construction cost and quality, contact Avalon Building Systems.

Fireplace Inserts Provide Safe and Sufficient Heat for All Seasons

Timberwolf - Economizer™ EPA Wood Burning Insert
It is again the time of the year when efficient heating necessary to provide a cozy and comfortable space for you and your family. Your fireplace can keep you warm during winter and it is your job to ensure that you have a fully-functional, efficient and attractive one this fall.

Fireplace inserts in Seekonk, MA are a must-have in your home especially during the cold season. They provide highly efficient heat as well as the added beauty to your house. Fireplace inserts help create the perfect ambiance at home so you can gather and relax with your loved ones. While you enjoy gazing at the fire they will keep your home comfortable.

In Massachusetts it is always nice to have a cozy fire to curl up to after work or while relaxing on the weekend. A fireplace insert can add the beauty of a fire and the efficiency of a wood burning stove. With today's technology and innovations, fireplace inserts can be incorporated to solve the issues of traditional open fireplaces. Custom inserts have been proven effective in increasing the home heating efficiency of older fireplaces and in reducing environmental hazards.

In New England, fireplaces inserts can be useful throughout the year not just during the cold winter months. Contact The Fireplace Showcase and find plenty of models to choose from.

Maintain or Lose Weight This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and many are concerned about keeping off the weight they lost for summer, or at least not gaining weight this winter. Remember weight loss or weight maintenance is about lifestyle. The key to a successful approach to exercise is to find an activity you love; better yet, encourage a friend to join you. This makes for a more social experience, which also results in a degree of accountability.
  • Consistency is another element one needs to factor into the equation.
  • Diet is the most important aspect when it comes to achieving weight loss goals. Healthy eating and correct portion sizes are the first step, and when you combine it with a fun and exciting exercise routine, you are sure to see results.
  • Set a fitness goal and be precise about what you want and why – examples could include dropping one dress size, running the next community 5K, or making it through an entire cardio and weoight lifting cycle by the end of the month. Having an attainable goal keeps you motivated and it’s also a good way to measure your fitness.
  • Set incremental and achievable weight-loss goals. Be sure to reward yourself every time you achieve one of your goals. Some great examples of rewards include a manicure, a new pair of shoes or a facial (avoid rewards that are food related).
  • Include both strength training and cardio in your workout. It’s proven that including resistance exercises together with a varied cardiovascular program will ensure a solid foundation for improved performance.
  • Learn to love the person you are. The more you love yourself, the more you will feel like you deserve to grow and evolve, both physically and mentally. You need to feel you are worth the effort involved in making the changes, which are sometimes not easy
  • Invest in a pair of dumbbells, a good pair of running shoes, an exercise mat and a theraband for those times when you can’t get into the gym.
For more information on winter weight loss, contact Best Fitness in your area.
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October 21, 2014

Real Estate Promotional Postcards can Effectively Improve Brand Image and Expand Your Customer Base

Promotional postcards can act as brief sales letters or flyers to promote products and services in many businesses. This is an effective way to keep contact with your target market, informing them about real-time updates in your business. The same goes when using promotional postcards in the real estate business.
Real estate postcards allow realtors to advertise their business, improving brand image and expanding their customer base. The more you use these postcards, the higher the probability that you will receive calls from qualified prospects for queries and purchases. The way your postcards are designed and printed is also important; they must be unique and high-quality in order to draw people to do business with you.
Get the attention of your target market by using full-color real estate promotional postcards. Vividly printed colors draw the attention of the eye. It is a fact that colored-printed postcards create a considerable difference in the way people perceive your real estate business. And given the nature of your business, it is best to quickly show them every detail of the property you are offering. In using direct mail real estate postcards, you will improve your sales and client base. However, graphics, content and high-definition printing  are very important for success and a larger ROI.
If you want to create successful real estate postcards for your real estate business, contact Best Print Buy.

Pellet Stove Inserts: A more Charming and Convenient Home Heating Alternative

Any homes in Providence are now being heated with pellet inserts especially in extreme weather conditions. These heating appliances provide superior heat and impressive design to homes, making them more convenient to use and more charming to look at. They heat your homes noiselessly while sending heat throughout your whole living space. Pellet inserts make a warm attractive spot in your home where you and your family and friends can gather together all winter long.
Wood pellet inserts in Providence, RI provide a heating alternative that is environmentally friendly. They burn pellets made from the byproducts of sawmills which minimize emissions. Pellet fireplace inserts come in various sizes and styles to fit your home and your decor.
Open fireplaces can emit large amounts of air pollutants because inefficient fireplaces generate wood smoke that contain chemical compounds that can wreak havoc on health as well as the environment. However, pellet stove inserts have a lower emissions level because they use clean-burning and long-lasting fuel along with complete combustion. This means that they safely and effectively provide comfortable heat for hours.
For more details about wood pellet inserts contact The Fireplace Showcase.

20 Ways to Achieve Your Dream Smile Tip #8

In continuation of our blog series "20 way to achieve your Dream Smile" in honor of our 20th anniversary this month…we present to you tip #8:
Don’t be afraid to visit the dentist. It is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe. Although the dentist might conjure up some fearful memories from your past, it’s important to understand that most modern dental practices are nothing like the dentist you used to see as a child. Dream Smile Dental puts a major focus on dental fear and offers solutions like NuCalm (a natural proprietary neuroacoustic software, layered with soothing music, to bring your brain wave pace to the pre-sleep stage) to relieve your anxiety while in the dental chair. Dream Smile also offers sedation dentistry for those who have an extreme dental phobia. Don’t let dental fear keep you from getting the dental treatment that you need. You can be on your way to good oral health after your first visit with Dream Smile Dental.

October 18, 2014

Renters Insurance Policy Takes Care of Your Personal Property and Protects You From Liabiliy

Your landlord likely has purchased an insurance policy to protect the building where you rent space. However, your personal property and personal liability against accidental damage caused by you are not included in the landlord’s policy. That is why it is imperative to secure a renters insurance for your business (in Fairfax, VA and throughout Virginia, Maryland, and DC).

Your renter’s policy does not stop when you leave your current home. So your personal belongings are covered when you go on a vacation or when you find and move to a new place to rent. It also protects your valuable possessions against theft, fire, or any unwanted and unexpected event in your life.

The comprehensive coverage of your renters insurance does not only protect you and your personal belongings alone. This means that you also get covered if you have caused an accidental or unintentional damage to a property of someone who happens to be living in the adjacent room at your building. And if in case someone gets injured while staying in your rented home, the cost for the hospitalization also gets compensated. In worse case scenarios where that someone files a lawsuit against you, such policy also provides certain coverage up to your medical and liability payment limits.

To know how much your renters insurance policy could cost as well as how much claims and cases it could compensate, consult a licensed professional from TriState Business Insurance.

20 Ways to Achieve Your Dream Smile Tip #7

In continuation of our blog series "20 way to achieve your Dream Smile" in honor of our 20th anniversary this month…we present to you tip #7:

Opt for porcelain Veneers. Porcelain veneers are similar to an acrylic nail. They are a very thin, yet sturdy covering that goes over your natural tooth to improve the shape, size and color of your smile. If done in the correct bite (the relationship of the upper and lower teeth are taken into account), veneers can last a lifetime without chipping or breaking. Porcelain Veneers are the ultimate cosmetic choice for your smile.