November 28, 2014

Fuel Tanks Provide Quick and Safe Solutions to Sustain the Power Needs of Your Business - Portland, ME

Rental fuel tanks in Portland, ME provide a quick solution for an emergency fuel supply for your specific business needs. At ElecComm Power Services these weather-proof tanks undergo quality inspections before they are rented for their actual application.

Rental Fuel tanks can either be single-walled or double-walled skidded tanks which have different fuel capacities measured in gallons. Providing solutions for every situation, there are several sizes and styles of fuel tanks that are available to match your business activity and operations. If the demand changes, rental fuel tanks can easily be replaced with a more appropriate equipment thereby providing the necessary amount of fuel you need.

Power outages may last longer than you plan. If you need commercial generators for rent to keep your business up and running during downtime or even scheduled power outages, you can choose affordable commercial fuel tank rentals to power your generators and sustain your operating needs.
You will need fuel for generators, so a safe and portable container to store it is necessary.

Commercial fuel tank rentals have a spill-proof nozzle and special seals to reduce leakage. They are advantageous because you need to invest money to purchase them nor will you have to prepare for the cost of maintenance and repair services.

To determine the right rental solution for your distinct power needs, contact the ElecComm Power Services.

Trade Show Display Accessories Create a Highly Conducive and Virtually Visible Custom Exhibit - Newton, MA

Businesses in Newton use trade show exhibits to effectively and efficiently match their marketing strategies during an event where certain competitors and target markets are present. How you exhibit your products and services dictates the rate of the return on investment that you can generate.

Whether you are going to produce and custom trade show exhibit or use a rental exhibit, you will need trade show display accessories to accomplish all your marketing goals during the event. These accessories can make your exhibit more stunning and impressive to your audience. As a whole, they bring additional appeal to your exhibit and contribute to its overall impact.

Using exhibit accessories in your trade show exhibit in Newton, MA will help create a highly conducive and visible custom display. You may have to highlight certain areas in your exhibit just like brightening up your company logo using backlit headers. You may need a kiosk to provide a venue for an interactive involvement within a limited floor area. There are also durable racks available to hold your brochures and sample products. Counters can be provided to serve as sampling station or service booth. Anything that you deem necessary in your exhibit can now be rented if not purchased in order to make the most of the area and the atmosphere during the trade show.

To find out more about the custom options and accessories for the trade show exhibits available on the market, contact The Exhibit Source.

Blown-in Insulation Makes Your Home More Comfortable and Less Costly to Heat - Boston, Worcester, MA

During the winter, your attic plays a vital role in maintaining the most appropriate indoor air quality and temperature in your home. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the attic has the recommended level of attic insulation in, Worcester, MA.

With energy costs as high as they are, it is important to find ways to help save on energy, while at the same time helping the environment. Attic insulation can significantly reduce your energy consumption when it comes to heating your home during winter. If done correctly, attic insulation will immediately form a seal which will protect your home against heat loss.

Adding attic insulation is proven to make your home more comfortable and less costly to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Too much air leakage caused by insufficient insulation will require your home to use more energy to maintain such comfortable temperatures in extremely cold weather conditions. But with effective and efficient blown-in insulation in your attic, this issue can be solved.

This investment pays for itself over time and allows you to enjoy the snow instead of dreading the next winter storm. For more details, contact a Custom Insulation specialist.

Gusseted Polyethylene Bags Expand to Effectively Pack Bulky Items and Conform to Irregularly Shaped Objects - Charlotte, NC

Gusseted poly bags in Charlotte, NC can be used in many applications, not just storing and shipping lighter items. Just like the other types of polyethylene products, they are also tested, inspected, and stamped for quality assurance. They are made of 100% virgin low density polyethylene resin which meets the specifications of FDA and USDA. Therefore, they can be safe to use even for food handling and healthcare applications.

Gusseted polyethylene bags are engineered through the most efficient and economical method to provide over three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional bags. These three dimensional poly bags come with a durable and fitted bottom seal while featuring superior clarity to show the quality of all the items contained inside. They have side gussets that easily expand to effectively pack bulky items and conform to irregularly shaped objects.

Based on the type of application, gusseted poly bags can be heat sealed, taped shut, or tied or stapled. Apart from being available in various gauges, these bags can also be customized to have different sizes and printed designs to match the specific needs of your business.

Every polyethylene bag is designed with the same integrity benefits as other plastic bags being produced in the market, only that it has improved puncture, penetration, and load-bearing strength. For more details, contact Atlantic Poly.

Personal Fitness Programs Help You form a Healthy Exercise Habit - Foxboro, MA

Personal fitness programs in Foxboro, MA make you happy and healthy. With the assistance of your personal trainer, a training program can help you form your exercise habit.

The main job of a personal trainer is to help you properly complete the daily workout program and achieve your weight loss goals while achieving the toned body you are looking for by continuously challenging and motivating you.

A personal trainer is also in-charge of building that exercise habit into your routine. This is imperative so that by the time you are done with the training program that has been specifically developed based on your fitness level you can continue working out even without the presence and the push of your personal trainer.

Committing to a personal training program can be challenging because of your lifestyle and new, good habits are hard to form. It may take some time to realize that exercise is not something you find time for but rather a behavior that you need to build up. If you succeed in doing this, it will no longer be a challenge for you to carve a space for exercise in your daily routine.

Approach your personal fitness program with the intent to build a habit. Contact Answer is Fitness for more details.

Medical Aesthetic Training Helps You Obtain and Maintain a Competitive Place in the Beauty Industry - Boston, MA

There is a higher demand for medical aesthetics professionals and beauty specialists who have undergone safe and effective non-invasive aesthetic training . It is profitable for spa and beauty professionals and businesses to add injectables to their list of services.

Short beauty courses in Boston, MA complement and improve the knowledge and skill-set of medical aesthetics professionals who want to address the concerns of patients who have been suffering from aging and other related skincare issues. Adding medical injectables training your credentials will garner new clients and referrals. As a result, your business will become more profitable while bringing your career to the next level.

Hands-on and intensive Medical aesthetics training in MA allows you to become the best in your career in the beauty industry. This training is packed with interesting, cutting-edge information that you need to stand out in this competitive market. You will learn about the latest trends and new techniques in conducting non-invasive facial aesthetics and skincare procedures for natural-looking results.

Obtain and maintain a competitive place in the beauty industry. To find out more about what injectable courses are being offered today, contact the Aesthetics Institute of Massachusetts.

CrossFit Helps You Master and Perfect Fundamental Movements Through Virtuosity- Watertown, Waltham, MA



“It’s all about that bass, ‘bout that bass...”  Now substitute bass for base. In order to perform complex movements in the gym that are cool, exciting and difficult we have to build from the base. What do I mean by this? I mean in order to effectively perform the more complicated, fancy exercises, we need to master the basics – in the gym these basics are things like the squat, push up, etc.

People in general have a tendency to want to move quickly past the fundamentals and dive right into the more advanced skills. This tendency is evident across all aspects of life from the gym to learning a musical instrument to cooking, whatever you can think of.  So today let’s talk about mastering the “little things.” By focusing on virtuosity, we do the common, uncommonly well.

Do you stand up and sit down, in and out of a chair every day? What about getting in and out of your car? Or how about getting on and off the toilet every day? If you answered yes to any of these questions you do a CrossFit  “base” movement hundreds of times per day – you squat. Yet when many of us get into the gym, we forget that we do this so many times a day, and avoid it. Here’s the thing, when we are born, we know how to squat (see picture).  Watch a toddler squat and you will see perfection. But for some reason, as we get older, the majority of us lose this natural ability. Our hips get tight, we sit in chairs, we just don’t do it anymore. So then when we try to go back to it, as grownups, in the gym, it hurts. My point is, if you squat correctly, to full depth, it doesn’t hurt.

(There are exceptions to every rule, I understand that, and I am in no means telling you to ignore the advice of your doctor, just some food for thought and think about approaching things like the squat with a little different mindset.)

The squat movement is initiated by your hips, not your knees. When you squat below 90 degrees, your hips take the brunt of the force, your hamstrings and gluts are activated and are the controlling movers in this motion. When you squat above 90 degrees, your knees take the brunt of the force because the movement is quadriceps driven, this equals pain. And I don’t want you to be in pain!

So take some time, back things up and recommit yourself to doing the little things right. Build that base, build your perfect squat. Seek out help from a trainer, a coach, feel free to grab me in the CrossFit room, I’m happy to help.

Be the best at the simple movements – strive for virtuosity – the sky is the limit.Contact Forever Fit for more details.

Library Receives $400,000 Toward Renovation Project - Stockbridge, MA

 Library and town officials are jubilant following word from Secretary of State William Galvin that the $3.2 million library renovation and expansion is getting $400,000 in historic-preservation tax credits to help fund the project now underway.

"We're thrilled to get it," said Stockbridge Library, Museum and Archives Director Katie O'Neil. She had applied for the maximum grant, $500,000, but noted that the Massachusetts Historical Commission, which oversees the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program, rarely allots the full amount. Nevertheless, the library may apply for another $100,000.

"We look forward to working with you toward the successful completion of your project," Galvin wrote to O'Neil in a letter dated Nov. 12. "We hope that this allocation will help you achieve your preservation goals."

The state grants max out at 20 percent of what the commission calls "qualified rehabilitation expenditures."

Here's how the tax credit program works: Since the Stockbridge Library pays no taxes, it will receive a $400,000 "certificate" from the state; the library then sells that certificate to a for-profit entity that can use it. Once it's sold, the library receives the $400,000.

Stockbridge Select Board Chairman Stephen Shatz, along with board members Deb McMenamy and Charles Gillett, congratulated the library for its successful application.

Shatz credited U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, D-Springfield, and his staff for assistance, "without which the library's efforts would not have been as successful."

The library's multi-year capital campaign has now raised $2 million toward its $3.2 million goal, with a target date of late 2015 to complete the effort, O'Neil said. It's the first major renovation of the historic library, which opened in 1864, since 1937.

Another application for a $500,000 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund is being submitted this week, she added. A decision from the state is expected next March.
Allegrone Construction Co. is handing the project, having submitted the lowest bid at $2.5 million.
An additional $700,000 is allotted for furniture, fixtures including bookstacks and chairs, new equipment such as computers, legal and consultant fees and insurance, said O' Neil.
"We were lucky to have support from the Stockbridge Historical Commission and the Select Board," she noted.

"We're delighted from the major vote of confidence from the state's historic preservation office," said Matt Blumenfeld, president of Financial Development Agency, an Amherst-based fundraising consulting firm that worked with the library.

He noted that "it was our idea" to apply last August for the historic-preservation tax credits after it conducted a study of the project.

The library also collaborated with Doug Kelleher of Epsilon Associates in Maynard, an environmental engine and consulting company.

The project is expected to be completed next August and is set to create nearly 100 jobs, according to O'Neil.

The library is likely to reopen by October, she added.

Portions of the collection are temporarily available for loan at the Stockbridge Train Station, while museum archives are at the Merwin House, 14 Main St.

Library Fights Bed Bugs - Boston, Norwood, MA

Staff at the Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library are taking steps to make certain that a resurgent species of bed bugs doesn’t take up residence among its collection of books and movies – now or in the future.

Decatur County Health Inspector said residential infestations of the dreaded “bed bug,” have become increasingly common around the country as a whole in recent years, leaving locals itching for a way to get rid of the blood-sucking bugs once and for all.

The library staff is taking precautions to make sure some that the unwanted bed bugs never get the opportunity to live near Greensburg’s largest collection of literature.

“We’re not going to be a ‘halfway house’ [for bed bugs],” reiterating that the library is not infested with the bugs; they’re instead trying to make certain such a problem never occurs. To that end, library staff taken steps to swiftly eliminate the problem in the instance an unwitting patron returns a book containing a bed bug or its eggs.

High heat bed bug treatment” that heats to 160 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to toast even the most resilient bed bug and its larvae.

Bed bugs, which at adulthood are roughly the size of an apple seed, can easily fit into the pages of books and even the corners of DVD cases due to their small size and flat bodies. Decatur residents unaware their home has become a bastion for bed bugs may inadvertently carry the tiny hitchhikers into the library, thereby risking infestation.

That’s where the library’s multifaceted bed bug prevention program comes into play.

Library staff has employed the services of a bed bug detection dog whose renowned sniffing skills are capable of snuffing out any potential bed bug hiding place. The dogs are trained to pick up a bed bug’s trail – including its eggs – and will lead exterminators directly to the musty-smelling insects’ location.

“If he [the bed bug detection dog] alerts on anything, we have a process in place to treat whatever it is he alerts on.”

For more information, contact EHS Pest in Norwood.

Help Aging Loved Ones Enjoy the Holidays - Greensboro, NC

The holidays are a time for families and friends. But for many older adults, the holidays can be highly stressful, confusing or depressing if their mental, physical and emotional needs are not taken into account. Here are some suggestions for ways to help your older family members and friends enjoy the holiday season:

1. Spend time with older people. That's the most important thing you can do. Remind them that they taught you that it's people who count, and thank them for that.

2. Ask if they need help with sending holiday cards. Your help in addressing envelopes can be a boost to their energy for the task, making signing cards possible. You can put on stamps and mail the cards. This helps them keep in touch with old friends.

3. Realize that holiday cards from others often bring bad news, and diminish in quantity. Reading cards from others may bring news of death or illness; so be prepared for negative emotions that may follow.

4. Help older people keep their regular schedule of medications during the frenzy of the holidays.

5. Pay attention to their alcohol consumption during holiday parties and family gatherings because alcohol can interfere with their medications.

6. If decorating has always been important to them, help them participate as much as possible and use decorations they've treasured through the years. These familiar objects are vital to memories and creating a homelike atmosphere.

7. It is important not to ask too many questions about preferences to older people who have dementia. Rather than offering them choices for meals, fix their plates with foods you think they might enjoy.

8. Some older people tire easily or are vulnerable to over-stimulation; limit the number of activities they are involved in or the length of time they are included. Offer to shop for and wrap gifts they want to give to friends and family.

9. Play holiday music while you decorate to set a festive mood. If the person enjoys holiday clothing, consider a new holiday sweatshirt or other garment. Make children a part of the rituals the older people enjoy - in small doses.

10. Offer to have festive holiday meals at your home or plan to cook at their home. Older adults with physical limitations can still be included in kitchen activities.

11. When you gather in a place unfamiliar to an older person, remove slippery throw rugs and other items that could present barriers to someone with balance problems or who has difficulty walking.

12. The noise and confusion of a large family gathering can lead to irritability or exhaustion for some older people; so schedule time for a nap if you are traveling or take them home when they become tired.

13. Reach out to older relatives and friends who are alone. Loneliness is a difficult emotion for anyone. It is associated with major depression and with suicidal thoughts and impulses.

Holiday blues are feelings of profound sadness that can be provoked by all the activities of the holiday season. But for some people, the holiday blues represent the exacerbation of an ongoing depressive illness. Depression is a medical illness that should be diagnosed and treated by trained professionals. Left untreated, depression may last months or even years. When properly diagnoses and treated, however, most people recover from depression.

For more information, contact Spring Arbor.